Photo of Coconut Bay Resort
Photo of Coconut Bay Resort
Photo of Coconut Bay Resort
Photo of Coconut Bay Resort
Photo of Coconut Bay Resort

Адрес: 919 North Birch Road, Fort Lauderdale, 333043317,
Позвоните для получения дополнительной информации: 01787 881111

Interested in properties for sale and rent at Coconut Bay Resort? Call our sales team now on 0800 071 4674 or +44 (0)1787 881111.

Fort Lauderdale offers the best of Florida: the heat, the beaches and the entertainment available are like no other place on earth, and all are elements that truly make Coconut Bay Resort stand out from the crowd. For a таймшер you will be glad to visit time and time again, look no further than the USA's sunshine state, where oranges are juicy and delicious and the sun keeps everyone laid back and happy. With this unique offering in the heart of the city, you can be sure to make friends with other travellers or with the welcoming locals, who love when people visit their little slice of heaven.

Путешествия и досуг timeshare brokers know that with so much on offer you might not want to spend much time in the apartment but Coconut Bay Resort offers a lovely home away from home that just might tempt you. Each air-conditioned unit is a great escape for a break from the heat, or there is also the outdoor pool which lets you take a refreshing dip and cooling swim throughout the year. With such a welcoming home environment we won't blame you if you let life slow down to a relaxing slow mode, exactly what you deserve on holiday.

Buying Coconut Bay Resort timeshare

Когда вы покупаете через Travel & Leisure Group, вы можете потенциально сэкономить тысячи фунтов на цене разработки. Мы также предлагаем безопасные и безопасные транзакции и являемся членами Ассоциации таймшеров, Американской ассоциации развития курортов, Ассоциации развития курортов и Австралийского совета по таймшерам и владению отдыхом. Мы придерживаемся законодательства как европейского, так и британского правительства в отношении перепродажи и продажи таймшеров.

Rent Coconut Bay Resort before you buy

Of course, we want you to be absolutely delighted with your new holiday home. So before you make a long term investment with Coconut Bay Resort why not try renting first? This tends to be the most popular option as it gives you the chance to visit the resort and see exactly what you are investing into. After renting you can choose to buy the timeshare or simply rent another one until you find the perfect resort to fit your needs.

Selling and resale at Coconut Bay Resort

Travel & Leisure Group also specialise in selling timeshare and timeshare resales. We have years of experience selling Coconut Bay Resort property. So if you have Таймшер для продажи, Мы можем помочь вам получить отличную цену. Продажа таймшера не может быть проще, мы запускаем Телевизионная рекламная кампания on Freeview and satellite television on top channels plus online advertising in efforts to sell timeshare with Coconut Bay Resort.

Любой, кто хочет Продать таймшер using Coconut Bay Resort can be safe in the knowledge that they are in safe hands with monies deposited in a trust account administered by FNTC, Благодаря опыту 25 и первоклассной репутации в отрасли вам больше не нужно искать, когда вы хотите продать свой таймшер.

Для получения дополнительной информации о любом из наших сервисов таймшеров, пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь звонить нам сегодня. Одна из наших дружелюбных, опытных команд будет рада ответить на любые ваши вопросы. В качестве альтернативы вы можете Пришлите нам сообщение здесь.